Ska'd for Life

Anonymous asked: Guess who? One hint: you love me for my sarcasm and general bitchery


Could be a myriad of people….gimme another hint.

Is it mandyqueenofsquats ?

Anonymous asked: Rhode Island is always hiring. Warwick police department is in RI and many others. I have cop friends lol.


Lol Rhode island tho.

This is the only correct response to rhode island

Mmmm… Bigass bowl of chili and a cookie dough iced coffee. Im a happy mindy


This post wins the internet.

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And now im stress-eating everything… Ach!




Already tired of you Cardinals fans…

I was afraid your tag meant Red Sox…I almost ended our friendship.

Don’t ever disrespect me like that again. There are the White Sox, and then there are those Yankees cast-offs in Boston.

You best watch yoself. Just kidding, the only sport that matters is hockey.

Ok, i have to pee, wheres my train. Gotta get to work asap.

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"is it pms, or am I pregnant?"! last night I had a chocolate craving so intense that I had an irrational sense that I would literally die if I didn’t get chocolate in my mouth. I am not exaggerating, that was seriously the feeling. Tonight, I polished off a burrito from chipotle(in under 10…

Anonymous asked: Does size matter?


Yeah, I want the biggest burrito available.

Hellz to the yes.